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Vertical Grow Tower

information about vertical grow towers.

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Characteristics of Vertical Grow Tower

Plants are grown in a vertical orientation.

Water enters the tower from the top of the tower and drains through various levels of plants, then water is collected at the bottom and returned to aquaponics system.

Towers can be made of PVC pipes, plastic or glass bottles, or other customized material.


Advantages of Vertical Grow Tower

Vertical grow towers are the ideal way to practice aquaponics in tight quarters, for example in an apartment window or a crowded greenhouse.

Towers can be made manually rotated, or disconnected to tend the plants.


Disadvantages of Vertical Grow Tower

Vertical towers, especially when using multiple towers, make it difficult for plants to receive adequate light.

Vertically stacked plants require careful management of water flow – where and how fast water enters the plants and drains from the plants.

Minimal water flow means solid waste can get stuck in plant roots, impeding plant growth and drainage.  Vertical grow towers must have excellent mechanical filters to remove solid waste.



See  below two examples of vertical grow towers:

1) Diagram of Window Farm


2) Zip Grow Towers by Bright Agrotech

zip grow

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For indoor farming, how about using LED grow light for sources? Any recommended?

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