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Deep Water Culture grow bed

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Characteristics of DWC grow bed

12 to 24 inches in depth

Plants are placed in small plugs, made of coconut coir, tree bark, rockwool, soil, or clay pellets

Plants float on styrofoam rafts

Water flows slowly underneath styrofoam rafts

Deep water gives plenty of room for plant roots to grow unimpeded deep into the water

Deep water allows aquaponics system to hold greater quantity of water, which creates more stable condition for water temperature and water chemistry

Disadvantages of DWC grow bed

Water is heavy!  DWC beds should not be stacked vertically on top of one another

Plant roots are constantly submerged in water, so water must be well-oxygenated (air pump recommended)


See  below an example of a Deep Water Culture (DWC) grow bed by Murray Hallam of Australia.



Follow this link to read a blog about Deep Water Culture at Lilypad Farm.

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what it told me was that the water flows slowly under plants so they can take up the nutreents.

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Bang Bang

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water flow should be what speed to consider good ?

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