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Aquaponics How To

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Aquaponics Systems How To is to help answer the important questions….

  • What is Aquaponics?
  • Why do Aquaponics?
  • What fish grow in Aquaponic Systems?
  • What plants grow in Aquaponic Systems?
  • Probiotics for Aquaponic Systems?

This How To has been written to assist people with information about aquaponics. It has been written by Martin and Kerri of the Aquaponics Shop Online. The material in this How To has been gathered from many different sources:

  • Our own systems;
  • Research;
  • Practical information from other people who have systems and
  • Scientists with the Department of Primary Industries & Fisheries.

Click here to access the How To tutorials.

From: Aquaponics How To. “Aquaponics How To.” Accessed June 11, 2013.

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it didnt tell me what fish will work in a aquaponics system

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andersont2, Novice

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