Emmanuel Pratt

Sweet Water Foundation

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Emmanuel is Sweet Water Foundation’s founding Executive Director. Emmanuel earned a Bachelor of Architecture from Cornell University and Masters of Science in Architectural Urban Design from Columbia University and is presently pursuing his doctorate from Columbia University School of Urban Planning. During 2004-2006, Emmanuel guest lectured at The University of Witwatesrand Department of Architecture focusing on digital design methodologies. Upon his return to the United States, Emmanuel spent several years working closely and traveling around the country with Will Allen of Growing Power. Emmanuel’s focus on community development through the intersection of food security and sustainable design innovation has led him to Chicago State University, located on the south-side of Chicago, where he is the Director of the newly formed Aquaponics Center and a Professor of Urban Planning  and Neighborhood Development. [embed width="560" height="315"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDmfE0noOJ8&feature=player_embedded[/embed]