Water — Junior Apprentice

Welcome to the Junior Apprentice – Water Badge! While earning your Water Badge, you will learn how to ensure that your water transports oxygen, nutrients, and heat consistently in order to keep your plants, fish, and bacteria healthy.

Water skills are important in water-related industries and careers including food and beverage manufacturers, wastewater treatment facilities, and research careers that support and sustain our precious fresh water sources.

To earn your Junior Apprentice – Water Badge:

  • Check out the Skill Badges by clicking the icons below
  • Complete the activities associated with each Skill Badge
  • Complete your Self Evaluation for each Skill Badge
  • A mentor will review your work and if your have met the Learning Objectives, you will earn a Skill Badge
  • Once you have completed the Skill Badges below, you will earn your Junior Apprentice – Water Badge


These badges should take around 3 hours of learning and 6 weeks of documenting your work to complete.

Learning Objectives

After earning this badge you will be able to:

  • Describe the properties of water that are important to aquaponics
  • Relate the water quality of an aquaponic system to microorganisms
  • Explain and diagram the nitrification process and how it relates to system start-up
  • Understand and calculate flow rate
  • Identify healthy parameters for temperature, pH, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, dissolved oxygen (DO)
  • Demonstrate correct testing and data collection techniques
  • Implement a maintenance schedule


Badge Outline ↕

In order to earn this badge, you must complete these required Skills: