Impact — Junior Apprentice

 Welcome to the Junior Apprentice – Impact Badge!

While earning your Impact Badge, you will learn how to use your aquaponics knowledge to develop a positive impact on your economy, your environment, and your community.

Aquaponics can be a helpful way to create a healthier environment, innovative economic opportunities, and a sustainable community. The skill of recognizing the impact your system makes will be important regardless of where your other skills may take you.

To earn your Junior Apprentice – Impact Badge:

  • Check out the Skill Badges by clicking the icons below
  • Complete the activities associated with each Skill Badge
  • Complete your Self Evaluation for each Skill Badge
  • A mentor will review your work and if your have met the Learning Objectives, you will earn a Skill Badge
  • Once you have completed the Skill Badges below, you will earn your Junior Apprentice – Plants Badge

These badges should take around 9 hours of work to complete.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain the benefits that aquaponics has on a community
  • Describe to people in your community how aquaponics works
  • Compare the environmental impacts of traditional food production to aquaponics
  • Describe the impact of aquaponics on the environment to others
  • Calculate the cost of your system to build
  • Compare the cost of food production with aquaponics to traditional soil
  • Explain the economic impact of aquaponics on food production
Badge Outline ↕

In order to earn this badge, you must complete these required Skills: