Fish — Junior Apprentice

Welcome to the Junior Apprentice – Fish Badge!


While earning your Fish Badge, you will learn what kind of fish to raise, how to provide them with a healthy environment, and how to recognize if your fish are sick.


These skills are important in a variety of careers including marine biology, aquaculture, water conservation, and urban agriculture.


To earn your Junior Apprentice – Fish Badge:

  • Check out the Skill Badges by clicking the icons below
  • Complete the activities associated with each Skill Badge
  • Complete your Self Evaluation for each Skill Badge
  • A mentor will review your work and if you have met the Learning Objectives, you will earn a Skill Badge
  • Once you have completed the Skill Badges below, you will earn your Junior Apprentice – Fish Badge


This badge should take around 5-6 hours of learning and 6 weeks of fish maintenance to complete.

Learning Objectives

After earning this badge you will be able to:

  • choose and care for a fish species by understanding the environmental conditions necessary for fish health
  • collect the appropriate environmental data to maintain a healthy habitat for your fish
  • describe symptoms of fish distress
Badge Outline ↕

In order to earn this badge, you must complete these required Skills: