Design + Build — Junior Apprentice

Welcome to the Junior Apprentice – Design + Build Badge!

While earning your Design + Build Badge, you will learn how aquaponics systems work mechanically; how to design and build an aquaponics system that is context-appropriate; and how to ensure that it will be a healthy, efficient, and durable system over time.

Design + build skills are useful in a variety of industries and careers including architecture, advertising, construction, urban planning, and engineering.

To earn your Junior Apprentice – Design + Build Badge:

  • Check out the Skill Badges by clicking the icons below
  • Complete the activities associated with each Skill Badge
  • Complete your Self Evaluation for each Skill Badge
  • A mentor will review your work and if your have met the Learning Objectives, you will earn a Skill Badge
  • Once you have completed the Skill Badges below, you will earn your Junior Apprentice – Design + Build Badge


These badges should take between 6 to 12 hours of work to complete, depending on the system you choose to design and build.

Learning Objectives

A Junior Apprentice – Design and Build badge earner will be able to:

  • Understand and explain how aquaponics works
  • Identify system components and explain their function
  • Understand that there are various system designs and models
  • Design and Build an aquaponics system 1-55 gallons in size with appropriate materials and equipment


Click on particular skills badges to learn more and to engage in Design and Build activities.

Badge Outline ↕

In order to earn this badge, you must complete these required Skills: